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10 year old me was so pissed that Gabriella would sacrifice true love for a dumb school but 2014 me now accepts that Gabriella was smart like home girl knew she could find dick everywhere YALL SHE GOT INTO FUCKIN STANFORD. FUCKIN. STANFORD. FUK TROY BOLTON’S WHITE ASS 

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I can’t stand slow texters I would rather eat black licorice than wait on your slow ass to text me back.

"I have two daughters, so I’m raising two future women. Maybe! I mean, one of them might be a guy later. It’s possible. It could happen. Someday one of my daughters could be like ‘Dad, I’m really a guy’ and I’ll be like ‘Alright well let’s get you a dick, honey. We’ll get you the nicest dick in town.’"

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no matter what you’re good at there will be a 7 year old chinese kid who’s better

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Show me your^


Show me your^